About Me

A little about me: I am Mum of 2 boys, Russell & Kieran aged 19 & 17, and live what a lot of people would consider a great flexible life and have recently moved to Kempston, and excited about the next few years.

I am a professional Network Marketer, and love the fact that I can help lots of people both save money, and earn money to create their own lifestyles. However, I still work this business part time around my other family and other commitments.

When the children were small. I’d decided I did not want to go back to a job, so looked around to what I could build up slowly around their various commitments.I came across Utility Warehouse, and found this ticked all the boxes. I show people how to save money on services they already use, especially in this climate and as there is a business opportunity too, I am able to pass my skills onto others as a mentor, and help them achieve their dreams too. I am now building up a fantastic residual income where I get paid every month for the work I did once before. To find out more, please visit www.save4sure.co.uk or www.earn4sure.co.uk

As I’m passionate about saving my customers money, on the business front, I am a one stop shop and can look at commercial utilities and card payments too for you, just ask.

Davina Farrer